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A developed academic system to manage modern schools via the web technology. this helps the school,parents,teachers and students to communicate in an integrated link to elevate the educational process to advanced scientific stages.

Main Benefit

Main Benefit

  • Cloud Based & Mobile Friendly
    – Access SMART anytime, anywhere you want from your computer or mobile!
  • Unlimited Users
    – Multiple user’s diversity (School Director, Supervisor, Admin, Accountant, Teacher, Parent, Student and more
  • Payment Gateway Integration
    – Ready to be integrated online for fees and all other miscellaneous payment
  • Simple & Compatible
    – Simple & attractive interface that allows users to learn the operations easily.Also compatible with different device screens
  • YouTube,Zoom,BigBlueButton
    -Teachers can now conduct lessons and upload videos on YouTube as well as linking the system via Zoom and BigBlueButton for more beneficial outcome!


Key Features

Administrative – includes adding and removing students with their particulars, approving them and the parents also taking action on students with any issues

Customization – allows you to edit, add any necessary information relating to the school, updating latest news or events happening or to create surveys if needed

Financial – Issuance and reviews of tuition fees, receipts, and various types of reports including expenditures, receivables, profit and losses and more

Educational – you can design schedules, study plans according to subjects. Teachers can add in homework, tests, results and all data

Student & Parent – able to monitor their children’s performance by accessing schedules, lessons and results. For students, they will able to interact with their teachers, follow up on homework and participate in online tests and more

User's Diversity & Modules