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Say Hello to FERP, reliable platforms with front and back office management tools, industry leading integrations and outstanding support, all in making sure your restaurant runs smoother and trouble-free!

Why FERP ?


New Features

Direct sales Issue the bill of the customer’s request with specifying their table, food items and receiving the bill’s amount from the customer right away and finally printing the bill.

Reserve Order Sales: Issue customer detailed bill with the items, arrival time, customer’s service requirement and type of payment.

Order Delivery Sales: Open bill with customer details, specified address, adding the requested items, driver information and then saving the bill with the complete details of the order.

Review aggregated and detailed reports in a statistical or graphical manner such as sales by category, type, method of payment, time and other options .

Easy to use the Restaurant Management System in more than one local or external branches and for a number of users using Multiuser technology or via network connectivity options.

Connect multiple users to Multiuser service points with more secure and reliable procedures according to their assigned privileges.